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New venture capital fund Recruitment Growth Catalyst launches in partnership with James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur

29 Mar 2021

We are pleased to share details of James Caan’s latest venture within the recruitment world. Together with Kevin Fasting, a visionary investor and experienced recruitment business owner, James has launched Recruitment Growth Catalyst. Recruitment Growth Catalyst, or RGC, is a venture capital fund which backs entrepreneurial recruiters to build their own business. By providing founders with the blueprint of success, RGC helps them scale and eventually sell profitable, world-class recruitment businesses.

Kevin Fasting, CEO of RGC, has spent over 15 years working in recruitment and the last 10 years building businesses from the ground up. As CEO of the Kevin Edward Group, he’s acquired and scaled over 10 different brands since 2018. This rapid growth has been largely organic, working with people within Kevin’s own network. His vision with Recruitment Growth Catalyst is to now take this to the next level, leveraging the vast knowledge, networks and experience of James Caan who will play a key strategic role as Chairman.

On the launch of RGC, Kevin Fasting commented, “I’m very excited to learn from James, with particular regard to forming businesses with an exit mindset. Whilst I’ve got a strong track record in scaling businesses, my strategy has always been to scale long-term, without a plan to exit. I’ve gone into business with James to learn from him and his team, to level up on processes and corporate governance, and understand how to build businesses with a plan to exit them in future.”

Recruitment Growth Catalyst’s investment strategy is not based on sector or industry, but rather the person behind the business; they invest in potential. Their success lies in their agility and flexibility. They partner with all types of business with all types of plans, understanding that every business will look different depending on the individual and their vision. Whether executive search or blue-collar recruitment, domestic or international, and with wealth creation or an exit as the end goal, RGC is equipped to invest in any big hitting, ambitious recruiter.  

RGC complements James Caan’s existing investor in recruitment start-ups, Recruitment Entrepreneur. By working in tandem and pooling their resources, know-how, infrastructure, and networks, both RGC and Recruitment Entrepreneur have strengthened their offering to business owners. They offer full 360 support to founders, covering areas such as finance, operations, marketing, IT, and client generation. By reducing the amount of time founders have to spend on the operational infrastructure of their business, they enable founders to focus on the lifeblood of their business – recruiting, billing, and building their team.

On the new partnership, James Caan said, “I approached Kevin and his team because I recognized a gap in the market between what the Kevin Edward Group was doing and what I was doing with Recruitment Entrepreneur. RGC is an amalgamation of our two approaches to setting up recruitment businesses. Kevin and his team are incredibly agile when it comes to their investment model and it will be interesting for both parties to learn from the other and grow together. I’m excited to watch Recruitment Growth Catalyst establish itself as a leading investor within recruitment and build a portfolio of exceptional businesses scaling to exit.”

Regarding the future vision of Recruitment Growth Catalyst, Kevin Fasting added, “My goal is to prove James right about why he came into business with us. We want to become the preferred partner for recruiters with an entrepreneurial mindset, investing in up to 10 businesses a year. It’s all about people for us – we want to be a community with a strong collaborative culture, where we share experiences and market intelligence. The opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the likes of Abid Hamid, Greg Hollis and the rest of the RE leadership team who have over 100 years’ experience in this arena is a real asset. One of RGC’s core values is to enjoy the journey and we certainly intend to!”